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Impact and Application of Fiber Optics Technology

Impact and Application of Fiber Optics Technology

September 24, 2014

The fiber optics technology has revolutionized this large world with its light carrying capability through a small fiber, which is slightly thicker than human hair. The technology is offering its services in myriad of application at different sectors worldwide. This flow of light is touching almost everything from telecommunication on space to lightening the ocean. The development and application is kept growing like a never ending list.

Before knowing the advantages and describing the applications, it’s important to know what makes the fiber optics technology to stand apart in comparison to conventional cabling systems. Semiconductor technology has played an important role in its dramatic implementation. It has developed necessary light sources, photo detectors and optical instruments that make it superior over conventional cable.

Some of these benefits are:

1. Optical fibers offer low transmission loss and wider bandwidths for transferring data in form of light.
2. Their low weight and small dimensions is optimum advantage over bulky copper and other cable systems.
3. They are immune to environmental electro-magnetic interferences because of their dielectric nature.
4. Since they are constructed from glass or plastic so it offers complete electric isolation. This makes it secure for underwater application.
5. Last but not the least point is abundant raw material available for construction of fibers. This keeps its cost low in comparison to other cables.


Now we are aware with the things which make fiber optics a best available option. The second important thing to know is what advantages the fiber optics technology is offering to the consumers. The advantages of fiber optics are few to list but numerous to experience. Bundling some of them here:

Non-conductive nature of fiber:

The fiber optics cables are non- conductive in nature as they are made up of silica with several insulating protective layer over it. Thus they are resistive to lightening, rusting and degradation. This makes it suitable for underwater applications like pools and spa illumination.

Eliminate spark and shocks:

Electric signal are extremely dangerous in many application. They create spark, gives current and accidental in nature. Fiber optics is free from it as they don’t carry current.

Easy to install:

Conventional cables are thicker, heavy and bulky which makes them very difficult to install. Apart from this fiber optics are thinner, light and flexible which makes them easy to install in any location and they can be conveniently frame into any object.

Immune to electromagnetic interference:

This is the most beneficial quality of optical fiber utilizes in telecommunication industry. This interference is a type of noise which reduces the quality of signal. Since optical fiber doesn’t carry current they are immune to this problem.

Safety and security:

The enhance cabling technology and manufacturing process makes the optical fiber most secure and safer means of transmitting signal or light. They are much secure in terms of data transmission and very safe to utilize in lightening and high temperature application.

High bandwidth covering long distances:

Fiber optics technology are capable of carrying signals at high speed or data rate, this make them able to run over long distance without any repeaters or amplifier. Fiber can reach beyond to the normal range of any cable type.

In short we can say that fiber optics is flexible, reliable, secure, safe, less prone to environmental hazards and above all easy to install and manage.


Fiber optics technology is best practical solution for many cabling application, however there are some difficulties which contribute to its disadvantages. They are few to list but require attention to overcome. These are:

High installation cost:

You can get fiber cable in low cost but there installation is quite costly. They require special tools and technique which results in increment of its overall expense.


Fiber optics is more sensitive and should be handled with care. They are much fragile then other electric wire, so there pulling and bending must be done carefully.


Fiber optics becomes opaque due to continuous use which reduces their efficiency and life.

Require special skills to install:

Fiber optics technique is equipped with latest technology and accessories which require skilled labor to install them. You can take this disadvantage as technical enhancement also.

Area of uses:

The advantage and disadvantage of any system serves as base for implementing it for any application. Since fiber optics has lots of advantages to offer so it also has wider area of uses. Covering some of its territory to make you aware with its different niche:

Military projects: Any technology is considered to be tough and secure if it is used for military applications. This is the case with fiber optics as they offer high speed, more speed and greater bandwidth.

Transportation: Smart highways, automated booth, smart traffic lightening systems are possible because of fiber optics.

Telecommunication: This is the global sector which is upgrading with optical fiber. Higher internet data transmission rate, digitization of cable television, long distance communication, computer networking are some of the common examples utilizing the fiber optics technology.

Decoration and art lightening: This is the most attractive and user friendly application area of fiber optics technology. The fiber cables installation ranges from shopping mall arcades to large water pools and spas. There application is limitless and beyond the imagination, though introducing some of the interesting ones:

- Swimming pool lightening: Fiber optics lightening are most pleasing, glowing and the only safe lightening for the pools. These are safer because there is no danger of electric shock from illumination. They are adaptable to wet environment and never catches rust. The latest color wheels and illuminator helps to create different pattern and any desire modern art in your pool.

- Water fountains: Fiber optics makes it possible to flow thousands of colors along with water through fountains. It is also implemented to create waterfall and ponds.

- Display and design: the end glow or side glow effect of fiber optics are effectively utilized in discos and casino for decorative lightening, mall and museums for display name and pattern and illuminating glass objects.

- All others thing that you can perform or create or imagine from lightening is possible through optical fiber technology.

The area and application of fiber optics are beyond our coverage area but they are practical to use and incorporate in any location. They are repairable and power efficient, developing more green and eco-friendly environment. This technology is versatile and gives unique feature in economical way. Upgrade to fiber optics technology with life time warranty.