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Inground Pool Lights Review

Own an inground pool? Welcome to our website. Here you will be able to find suppliers of all types of inground pool lights.

Pool lights are an essential part of any pool, and having the correct, inground pool lights is essential for both the actual pool and surrounding areas. Having the perfect lights will ensure that you can use your inground pool at night safely. Lighting is essential when trying to create the perfect mood in any area, and your garden, and pool area is no different. There are some fantastic lighting options available including inground pool lights that change color through a sequence. This style of swimming pool lights is fun, and can create an enjoyable area for the whole family to take pleasure in. Not only do these lights look great from the water, but also when you and your guests are sat around the pool as well. No matter if you are actually in the water having fun, or sat in the surrounding area enjoying a drink the right lighting can make the area a pleasure to sit in. Although you want the inground pool lights to look great you have to bear in mind the safety aspects as well. Water and young children is always a concern for any parent, and with the correct lighting you know they will be safer. Even older teenagers need to be careful when swimming, and playing in the pool. With the correct inground pool lights they will be able to be seen easily from the area surrounding the pool. Making the decision of the type of inground pool lights can be daunting as there are several different types to choose from. LED pool light LED lights are defined as light emitting diode lights, which is able to convert the energy produced into a subtle color. Surprising LED lights are found in many everyday lighting systems, and have been used in traffic lights in recent years. The lightning system inside the traffic lights is a combination of smaller bulbs, and no longer one solid color. As well as traffic lights LED lights are perfect for outside, and swimming pool areas, and can be very energy efficient to use. You will be amazed at the amount of energy that you will save using these lights. As well as the traditional colors available you may also want to consider the huge array of different colors that can make your pool stand out. Although the colors, and systems are very similar to other lighting systems found in swimming pool areas the LED’s are far more effective at saving money.

Halogen Pool Lights

Halogen lights are often referred to as incandescent lights, and they provide an amazing amount of light to the area that they are placed in. This style of light is great for homeowners who want to ensure that their lighting is safe. Halogen lights emit no harmful gases that will affect the environment. If you are looking to be greener when selecting your swimming pool lights these may be the perfect solution for your needs.

Fiber Optic Pool Lights

Fiber optic lighting is the perfect way to transmit light to an area without risking the electrics being close to the pool. This lighting choice is often used when only one light is needed around the pool, and they are totally safe to use. There is no chance of overheating, and burning with these lights, and they are perfect for areas with children playing in them. Deciding whether to have lights that go all the way round the pool, or be fixed to key points is essential.

Solar pool lights

Solar pool lights are becoming a very popular option to own, and use around the swimming pool area in your garden. They can be used effectively at night due to them charging throughout the day, and all of the energy they store will be used to power the lights. The solar collectors are in the prime location on the cases to ensure that every bit of sunlight is exploited. No electricity will be sued, and this is a very attractive option when looking to purchase lighting for your pool area. Due to the fact that the solar lights are very compact they can be moved easily, and you can even have them floating within the pool. Even when the pool is not in use they can be used in other areas of your garden to help set the mood.

Color Changing Pool Lights

Color changing bulbs are very popular, and can help to create the perfect atmosphere in your garden, and swimming pool. This style of lighting allows you to be more daring in your swimming pool, and can create a fun area for you, and your guests to enjoy. If your budget is larger you can buy pre programmed lights that will display a fantastic light show under the water. You can have an incredible waterscape in your own garden that will be the envy of your neighbors.

Pool Water Fountain Lights

Water fountains have always made an impact in garden areas, and having them lit enhances them perfectly. You will be able to create an eye catching, and interesting center piece in your outside space. Changing the colors and patterns with the fountain is possible depending on the look that you want to create.

Nitelighter inground pool Lights

Nitelighter in ground pool lights are perfect for areas that need the lights mounted rather than inserted into the pool. The cable will need to run through your garden area, and has to be placed inside a conduit to ensure it is safe. This style of lighting is perfect, and offers a low watt light with snap on lenses.

Floating lights

Floating lights can be bought in many different styles, colors, and sizes to suit all pool types, and your taste. These are an affordable option when looking for lighting solutions for your swimming pool, and can be found easily. They are easy to use, very cost effective, and help to create a great atmosphere in the pool.

Incandescent White Lights

Incandescent lights are very effective, and are a great cost effective way to produce a clear crisp color. The bulbs come in a range of different wattage allowing you to choose the overall effect that you are trying to create in your garden. Both 100W and 300W are able to be fitted with 12 volt transformers. This requirement is law in some areas, and you will need to check to see if this is the case with your area. The lens is often colored with this style of light enabling you to have different colors in different areas.

Lighting for Non-Niche Pools

Not having a niche in your in ground pool wall will not be a huge problem, and you will still have many different options of lighting available.

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